CITY Academy Applications Window is OPEN!

We are proud to announce that Parkway Middle School of the Arts will once again open its application process for the 2015-2016 school year to all gifted students who will be in grades 3-8 to attend Broward County’s only gifted cluster, CITY Academy.

CITY (Center for Intellectually Talented Youth) Academy provides specialized instruction and a peer group for gifted students who require a differentiated program to meet their special needs. It creates an environment that values and enhances the gifted student’s ability, passion, creativity, and task commitment.

Key aspects of CITY Academy are:

  • An opportunity for success for gifted children whose needs are not met in traditional schools
  • A model school for differentiated instruction
  • A model school for academic acceleration
  • A model program for extremely mathematically talented students
  • Unique opportunities in an award-winning performing and visual arts program for students in grades 6-8
  • Districtwide transportation
  • Experienced gifted endorsed teachers with continuous staff development support from experts in gifted education
  • Expert steering and consultative support from leading authority in gifted education, Dr. Joe Renzulli

We ask that you complete the application on the back of this letter and submit it to Parkway Middle School by February 11th. Seats will be filled through a lottery selection process. Please don’t hesitate to contact the school at (754) 322-4000 or 754-4064 if you have further questions. We welcome the opportunity to meet with you and engage in further conversation.

CITY Academy application 2015-16
Title: CITY Academy application 2015-16
Filename: CITY-Academy-application-2015-16.pdf
Size: 201 kB
CITY Academy letter  for 2015-16
Title: CITY Academy letter for 2015-16
Filename: CITY-Academy-letter-for-2015-16.pdf
Size: 338 kB



Bradford Mattair Principal, Parkway Middle School of the Arts

The New Florida Assessments are here!

FSA Training Tests

FSA (Florida Standards Assessment) is the state’s new assessment tool.  Students have access to online practice training tests through the FSA website and are encouraged to take these online tests to  familiarize themselves with the system.  Here at Parkway all students will experience this new test system prior to the actual test, but students are encouraged to practice at home as much as possible. The practice tests ARE meant to teach your child how to navigate and use the tools during testing. The website is: Before signing on please read the Florida Standards Assessments Quick Guide to the Training Tests.

Dear Parkway Parents,

Our students will take the ELA Writing Test the first week in March. Grades 6-8 will take the test on March 3rd. Grade 8 will take the test on the computer.
Grades 4-5 will take the test on March 4th. Makeups will take place on March 5th and 6th.

Students will remain in testing locations from 8:00-10:36 each day. We are asking parents that you make sure your child arrives on time to school each of these days in order to participate.
Anyone arriving after 8:15am to school will not be allowed into testing so that we have the best testing environment possible. They will be held until testing concludes each day in the Cafeteria with Ms. Baker.

Please schedule any appointments or sign outs after that time, as it is important that all students test.
All students grades 4-8 will take the test. Grade 8 students will test using the computer, while the other students will take a paper-based test.

This test will consist of one 120 minute session given on one day.
It is very important that all our students are present for testing. In order to receive an ELA score, they must take both the ELA Writing test and the ELA Reading test which will take place in April.

The dates for all future paper based testing this year are listed below.

2015 Daily Session Schedule
Title: 2015 Daily Session Schedule
Filename: 2015-Daily-Session-Schedule.pdf
Size: 208 kB

Exact dates for computer based testing and all EOC’s (end of course exams) are in the process of being determined. Students in grades 3 and 4 will take paper based tests, while students in grades 5-8 will take all their assessments on the computer. The window for administration is April 13th – May 8th. Paper based testing takes place on the exact dates listed. Because all of this is new, there may be some changes in the dates, as the State continues to update and change things. We will keep you posted with any additional information we receive.

Thanks for your continued support as we move into the new assessments.
Your Guidance Department

Annual Survey For Parents

CS15 Parent  Survey FAQs
Title: CS15 Parent Survey FAQs
Filename: CS15-Parent-Survey-FAQs.pdf
Size: 375 kB
CS15 Parent Survey Flyer
Title: CS15 Parent Survey Flyer
Filename: CS15-Parent-Survey-Flyer.pdf
Size: 371 kB

Give Kids a Smile Day


February 7, 2014

8:30 am – 12:00pm

Please view the attachment for more information

Title: smileday
Filename: smileday.pdf
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Parkway students!! Will you be the next Kid of Character?

Title: 2-Honesty-Newsletter-February-2015_1
Filename: 2-Honesty-Newsletter-February-2015_1.pdf
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SAC Meeting

SAC meeting on February 10th, 2015 @ 6:00 pm in room 126.

Parkway Middle School CyberGals of Lauderhill, Fl


The Parkway Middle School CyberGals of Lauderhill, Fl. take a quick break from the competition to show off their CyberSwag! Pictured from left to right: Valerie, Codi, Tashadeen, Samantha & Anquinette.

Community Fair

Thursday, February 19th – 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM

Ramblewood Middle School

Community Fair Flyer
Title: Community Fair Flyer
Filename: Community-Fair-Flyer.pdf
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Parent Engagement Night

Tuesday, February 17, 2015 at 6:30PM
Westwood Heights Elementary

Parent Involvement 2-17-2015 flyer
Title: Parent Involvement 2-17-2015 flyer
Filename: Parent-Involvement-2-17-2015-flyer.pdf
Size: 335 kB

Literacy Night

Literacy Night FLyer
Title: Literacy Night FLyer
Filename: Literacy-Night-FLyer.pdf
Size: 170 kB