Unified Dress Code

All garments must be
Selected from any of the following colors:
black, gold, navy, khaki, or white. No emblems, logos other than unaltered approved Parkway Middle School Logos, or emblems may appear on any item of clothing.

Collared “Polo” style shirt (short or long sleeved). Any unaltered or approved Parkway Middle Spirit T-Shirt .

“Dockers” style straight leg pants, plain dress belt. No denim, or overalls. Pants with belt loops must be worn with a belt. No tight fitting pants.

“Dockers” style, twill or corduroy, fingertip length, walking short, cuffed or un-cuffed. No denim ,or overalls.shorts with belt loops must be worn with belts.

Knee length pleated or un-pleated solid colored.

Sneakers, low-heeled shoes (2 inches or less) or boots with enclosed toes and backs. (suggested)

Sweat Pants and sweat shirts
Sweat pants and sweat shirts in solid school colors will be permitted on days when the temperature falls below 60 degrees.

Inappropriate: (items or clothing)
• Garments with, slogans, emblems, motifs, stripes or patterns other than approved Parkway emblems and logos.

•Oversized pants, shorts or skirts, jeans,. Overalls, or denim of any kind.

•Long oversized coats or jackets

•Shirts, tops unbuttoned below the chest

•Sweat pants, sweat shirts, jogging or athletic attire

•Tight fitting pants, tops, muscle shirts, tank tops, tube tops, Undershirts of any color other than black, white, khaki, navy blue, or gold.

•Tattered clothes, garments with holes, or
frayed pants or shorts.

•Cutoffs, mid-drifts, or unbuckled pants, shorts or skirts

•Hats, caps, suspenders, chain belts, any accessory other than the approved colors.

•Flip-flops, slippers, high heels, platforms, or stilettoes. Open toed or backless shoes are not recommended for safety reasons.

Any item or attire not in accordance with the Dress Code Policy of Broward County Schools

Where to Shop
Carlyn International Corp
Coconut Creek Parkway
Margate, FL 33063
Phone (954)- 973-3130
Fax (954) – 973-7473

Also Try:

Sawgrass Mills
Casual Corner
The Gap
J.C. Penny
The Limited
Old Navy
K Mart

Any other department or thrift
Store where unified attire meeting
guidelines can be found.