Professional Thursday

What is Professional Thursday at Parkway Middle School of the Arts?

In order to better prepare our students for the business world, select students, faculty, staff and parents wanted to offer an alternative to our “Casual Friday” dress down concept of the past. Their strong recommendation was to implement “Professional Thursdays” where our students learn the “ins and outs” of dressing in a professional manner suitable for the business world ahead. During the Professional Thursdays, members of the business community are scheduled to come in and also share their expertise with the students on how to prepare for future business careers via the necessary schooling, internships, certification courses, interviewing skills and techniques, etc.

A calendar of Thursdays was comprised by this team and one select Thursday of each month, our students will dress up to earn the privilege of dressing down in on the following Friday.

Parents and students, please read the attached “Professional Thursday” dress down and download a copy of the schedule for your records.

Thanks in advance, Parkway Middle School of the Arts.

Title: ProfessionalThursdaySchedule2014
Filename: professionalthursdayschedule2014.pdf
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